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Hovercraft Videos

Me testing our newest hovercraft, and Entry Level hovercraft we call the X-10. It is 10' long 6.5' wide and semi pointed. a 14hp tecumseh engine powers both a foam and fiberglass lift fan and a foam and fiberglass thrust propeller. I designed and built them to be both quite and light weight. The top speed of this hovercraft is estimated to be around 40mph with a payload of 250-300lbs.

A lower quality, but still neat video of me cruising around in the UH-18sp hovercraft that my dad and I built in 2002. This hovercraft had a 100hp ea-82 subaru engine on it and would easily do 75mph............. That is if you were brave enough. We later sold this hover and build the sport cruiser and x-10

A video I took of Jerry Coffman in his hovercraft at the 2005 Cherokee Hover-in, at Cherokee lake in TN.

Here I am just messing around with Mini Manta my custom designed and build 1/2 scale radio controlled hovercraft. The design was based off of a full scale racer I designed a while back. I got our of hover racing but Mini Manta is sure a blast to mess around with.

A quick higher quality demo video of Mini Manta, my 1/2 scale RC hovercraft that I designed and built. Sorry no sound on this video.........

This part of the site is still under construction.............. Many more videos soon to come!

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