This section of my website is dedicated to the UH-18SP that we built back in 2002 and later sold in 2005. The UH-18sp was designed by Bob Windt at Universal hovercraft, and has been a very popular hovercraft because you can also build it as a WIG, or Wing In Ground Effect Vehicle.............. AKA a flying hovercraft!!!! If you build a set of wings for the UH-18sp and a tail you can turn it into a UH-18SPW WIG and fly your hovercraft. We never built the WIG version for our selves, but when we sold it we rough made the control surfaces for the buyer, be we lost contact with him before we ever found out if he ever got it flying.

Our UH-18SP was powered by a Subaru 1.8L EA-82 engine. We were getting probably about 100hp from our engine, which powers both the thrust prop and lift fan. Our UH-18sp was VERY fast, Very quick to get over hump, and TONS of fun. I had it up to about 62MPH with room to go yet, and it would sit you back in the seat if you hammered on the throttle.

If you have any questions about the UH-18sp feel free to email me, we learned lots building ours and I'd be more than happy to help another builder out.

UH-18sp Construction pictures I have 493 UH-18sp construction pictures put up in this section, showing pretty much all of our build.
Modifications and additions Pictures of different modifications and additions we have done to our 18sp after we finished it. *It is always recommended that the plans be followed as closely as possible*
UH-18sp pictures Pictures us using our 18sp, mostly on the IL river in central IL.

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