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This section of my website is dedicated to my hovercrafting hobby. I've been building hovercrafts since I was 14 years old back in 1999, and still love building and flying hovercraft, I just don't have nearly as much time, or money to dedicate to it at this time. I've built the 5 hovercraft that you see above along with many hovercraft parts and pieces.

The first hovercraft was an UH-10f, which I raced a couple times while I was in high school. The UH-10f was sold to build a Subaru powered UH-18sp which would do 75+ MPH and carry up to 6 people. It was a very fun hovercraft but was a bit of a pain to load and unload when just my dad and I wanted to go out. The summer after high school I was board and had some extra building materials laying around so I designed my first hovercraft, a 1/2 scale radio controlled hovercraft I call Mini Manta.

We later sold the UH-18sp to start a hovercraft company called ZB Hover Creations and build a couple prototype hovercraft and sold parts. We sold parts for a couple of years, but later we had little time to dedicate to building parts and developing plans so the hovercraft business has since been shut down, I hope to offer some hovercraft plans some day..... The two prototypes that we build, and still have and operate were our Sport Cruiser, a sporty 2 person cruiser, and the X-10 a 10 foot long entry level hovercraft. I designed and built every part of these hovercraft from props/fans and up....

Visit my Hovercraft Section of this site to learn more about these hovercrafts, see pictures of events, get tips and tricks, and see some of the many parts I've made over the years!

Wood Working is one of the few hobbies I have been doing longer than Hovercrafting! My dad is also a woodworker and I spent lots of time in the garage with him when I was young. When I was around 12 (1997 or so) I really got into wood turning, and ended up selling enough stuff that I was able to buy my own Jet Mini Lathe. In fact, the lathe (along with making and selling hovercraft parts) is how I made money through highschool and college until I got a job at the currenty company I work for, Alcast Company, during college.

I've turned lots of pens (so many in fact I may be burn out on making pens for life LOL) segmented turnings, both open segmented such as candle holders, and closed segmented stuff such as lamps and vases. I also got into making more useful stuff such as wooden pulleys for our hovercrafts

Besides wood turning I've also made shelves, tables, cabinets, decks, etc, etc, etc............. Currently this section of the website has mostly just some of the older turnings I've done, but I'll try to get it updated with some newer stuff soon!

V8 Beetle Resource - V8 Powered VW Beetle Zach Bell's Other Hobbies and projects, etc.

So my wife and I are cramming a 350 Chevy V8 into our 1969 Convertible VW Beetle. It's defiantly not a "conventional" project, but hey that's never stopped me before.

We are putting the bug body onto a shortened and modified S-10 chassis and have the 350 mounted to that. This means the engine will be up front were it "should" be.

The Beetle body has also been widened 8" and the wheel base lengthened 3" to give us more interior room and also more room for the engine. If that is not enough I'll be bringing some of my composite construction experience from our hovercrafts to the V8 beetle project. The bug will be getting a foam and fiberglass composite floor, and a composite or fiberglass hard convertible top will replace the old soft top!!!

My V8 Convertible Beetle project has become so popular I have dedicated an entire site to the project, The V8 Beetle Resource! The V8 Beetle Resource site was put together not just so people can follow along with our project, but also to give others ideas and help with their own projects. On this site you can see several categories in our build process, the cost of the project, and also in the links/resources section you can find valuable information on building your bug, where you can buy parts, and also links to forums where others have similar projects. I've also added a V8 beetle gallery, so if you have a hot rod beetle project, feel free to email me some info and/or pictures so I can add them to that section. Also if you have anything to add to the links/resource section please let me know.

This Section of the ZB Creations website will be a place for me to share my other projects, hobbies, interest, vacations, etc. This section of the website is currently underconstruction but don't worry it will be up and running soon!

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